I just can't believe the reconciliation. How come?

2017/ 09/ 24

The guy was 18 years old, and his girl friend 16.

There was a security guard there, but the boy, like a knight, took her home.

This is how the nightmare started.

The boy tooke her into her room, removing her dress and puting his body on to top of her.

She was feeling so vulnerable, and it's totally difficult to push him back,

Did she say no? No. Did she do something to avoid him? No, she couldn't.

Like I wrote, she couldn't do anything because of alchoohol.

Likewise, the boy made the most terrible mistake ever, under the influence of alcohol.

So, they were not in a normal situation. If they had been sober, the saddest nightmare wouldn't have occurred.

The young lady would have said thank you with a smile at a door, and the prince would have smiled back to leave the doom

I have no idea why these two young people used 'rape' when they are speaking to each other. But they admitted this was rape.

Of course I know that we have 'marital rape,' which means we can understand at the same time that there is also 'date rape.'

Did she do to the police? Was the guy charged?

Even though the road to the reconciliation was too long, were they satisfied with the result? They decided to solve the problem

by themselves.

Some people say they kind of wanted to make everything too dramatic. They used the same expression 'youth.' If the incident

had been so traumatic and brutal, did they spend time on a stage letting people listen to them? I doubt it. I wouldn't apperar

like they did. Was that so serious? Yes.

It's not about guilt or shame. When people speak of violation of humanity or something, that's about the social system where we

ought to be safely protected by law. The expression 'rape' is defined in the law.

They live in a civilized society, and tha's why they needed time to heal themselves. They decided to talk face to face.

And they made it. They learned so many things out of this process of 'reconciliation," I guess.

But I still don't understand how this reconciliation was lead in them. Was it just like a arguement or a fight between people?

I know time heals us. It is no use crying over spilt milk. The list goes on....

When I begin to hate someone, I will never forget what happened to me. I would never forgive the people, the place ant the deed.