What if North Korea is right?

2017/ 09/ 25
I'm asking this, not based on a clear theory or analysis.

Is there a solid and valid reason why North Korea is intimidating us? What do you think?

Why is one small country opposing the rest? Is it because North Korea is backed secretly by China and Russia?

Despite the economic and energy sanctions from the US or some other Europeans countries, North Korea looks stable.

Kim doesn't look oppressed and worried. Or rather, he looks more independent and much stronger than ever.

Is that only appearance? People living there are in need because of the sanctions.

We know nothing about North Korea, and we imagine that the small rocket man is giving us nothing but fear.

Well, the nuclear weapons are against the resolution which major countries were supposed to make unanimously at the UN.

Is the world without nulear weapons safe and happy? For some countries like North Korea, keeping some weapons means

everything. By becoming closer to the major countries, the samll and powerless ones misunderstand that having the military

power, they become equal to the majors. They are wrong, though.

Much money from people should be spent at first for the welfare of the people. Social security and natiolnal prosperity comes

first. Exploitation comes first? The idea is wrong.

( to be continued )

First, are China and Russia in harmony with other European countries