Why are we supposed to sing it? What for is a national anthem?

2017/ 09/ 28
Do laugh at it, the singing of a national anthem.

Why do we need music at the ceremony?

What kind of role does it play?

Some composers were asked to make the anthem so that the music is appealing to people,

so that the music moves people, and so that the music has the possibility of becoming as a symbol to make

people faithful and obedient to the nation.

That 's why we feel excited and kind of passionate even when we hear some parrts of a national anthem (when the music is a

good one). The lyrics and melody must be well designed to be used as a good means to 'control and govern' people.

Having it in mind, you think it natural for people to sing the song so proudly at a ceremony or a school event. We should

call it 'brainwashing.' Without our knowledge, we mihgt have been taught to paractice singing in public schools. How sad and


The US national anthem seems more inspiring and passionate than ours in terms of lyriks and melody because it

implies how the battle was hard and severe for men there. The flag they finally brought is a symbol of victory.

The music makes even the strangers feel kind of motivated and moved.

But, the leaders should be very careful about taking advantage of the effect music has in general on people. For some people

music is just music, which should not be used as a tool to impose a thouhgt or patriotism on people.

Before that, what do you hink of coersion of the specific ideology or thought?

Just be careful.