motivation to go to work

2017/ 09/ 29
Why would you go to work?

Why do you get up so early?

Have you taken a few days off to relax yourself?

Was it difficult for you to take the days off because you leave when peers are still working?

Don't aske me like that, you want to say so? Job is a job, which makes us go to a workplace whether we like it or not.

We need money to buy food.

Then, when you find something attractive and appealing in the job- as we get used to staff and jobs we have to get done-we

luckly find it not hard to go to the workplace. Or rather, going to a workplace can becomes the major part in our life. At the

specific time and place,

So, we feel disappointed at so many useless meetings, the delay of a plan, the messy desk, and some verbally annoying leaders

in a office. The list goes on.

We gotta find, yes find a treasure in a job whatever it is.

( to be continued )