Koike promise to impose a freeze on consumption tax

2017/ 09/ 30
We have been paying attention to consumption tax. No one has worried about the economy in two years, but

when it comes to the 2% raise of the tax, Koike did not say anything about it.

Now that her new party decided to impose a freeze on the tax, the vistory is hers. What prime ministerAbe told us

about the tax is uncertain, depending on economy in two years. His policy about consumption tax is neither stable nor

irresponsible. His aids or supporters give him the wrong idea about the financial crisis, making Abe easily believe

them. Last time he decided not to raise consumption tax rate, there was not 'Lehman Brothers' catastrophe at all. He had to

ask around in the cabinet to prove that withdral of the raise is better. So, he pretended to try to put finances on a healthy

footing. That's just a show-off. Abe wanted to make voters believe in his strong will about the healthy finances.