Fake it tili (you) become it.

2017/ 09/ 30
Pretend to be a poet for the time being, if your dream is to be a poet.

Pretned to be a music composer if you really want to be a composer.

Your success as a composer will be realized only if you work hard, which we know very well.

Hard work is the first and lasting step, which is supposed to be the key to success by successful people.

No one denies the idea.

The process which leads to success must be boring and time-consuming for some people. But there is a hint.

Imagine that you are now a good composer now. Behave yourself and express now like the real composers do.

Imagine that you are now a famous poet. Behave like the most famous poet in the world do.

You don't have to worry about the way others look at you, the way others think of you, and the way others evaluate you.

Others have nothing to do with you, right? Peers at the workplace matter to you when you think of becoming a poet at heart?

Keep it secret. But they are not your friends ( I know some are friends ). They happen to be near you in a small staff room.

That's all.

( to be continued )