2017/ 09/ 01
Miyagi to remove ‘sexist’ tourism video after a month of complaints
I just watched the video, which was regarded as sexually provocative.  The video itself was not offensive and annoying.  The only description about what we call obscene was the 壇蜜's verbal expressions which seem to remind the viewers of sex.  
Did the movie convey wrong message about Miyagi prefecture?  As to this question, I have no idea whether it is cool in  mid-summer when Tokyoiets complain about the severe heat even at night.  Are you sure?  Viewers might have gotten a wrong message about summer in Miyagi.  
What made me disappointed most was anime in which 壇蜜 was flying with a turtle.  Is玉手箱 playing a role here?  I would prefer some other tools to make Miyagi look atrractive.  In a fairy tale, a turtle took an old fisherman to the paradise in the water.  So, explain the content fo the paradise.  Viewers are not pleased with the way the actress explained to the turtle, too.  It's like a mom teaching how to pronounce some words.  Was that necessary?  The focus was on the actress so much that visitors will be distressed at flimsy advertisement.
Whether it is sexually editted is not a big deal.  The controvercy helped make the actress known more nationwide.  That's all.
Freedom of speech?  Yeah!  The point is why Miyagi decided to remove the video.