2017/ 10/ 13
So far, how many times has japan been criticized like this? "It is a closed society where people are busy

staying ahead of anyone else, and where the stake that stiks out will get hammered down. Newcomers are not

welcome in this society. Once bullyings or backlashes begin, the webseites are doomed to be closed because of

messy and abusive comments annonimously. There are bad guys here and there. Violence and vandalism prevails

like those in ISIS.

These days the press seems to be against Mrs Koike because of her one-sided miscomments. One of three expressions is this:

'exclusion. ' She might have just wanted to show us that her 'green' party is not willing to accept all those who decided to walk

from one of the biggest opposition parties. In fact her political style is close to Mr. Abe's in that she wants to change the

Article 9 of the Constitution. For those who they think want to join Mrs Koike' green party, this is really a turning point in life.

They finally showed their flags by dedciding to join the super extreme right wing.

Her green party will gain only 60 seats at most, it is said. All of the press look like Abe's friends now though they were

criticizing Abe's 'three arrows.' Why are they supporting Abe? Because they lost interetst in the 'green' party.

It's a shame she didn't run for this election. The last resort must be her desicion she will soon make that she would run for

the Diet. Otherwise, the press who are close friends with Abe will win this time.

Ex-prime minister Koizumi should have pushed her to be a candidate to be a female leader. Ex-prime minister Hosokawa and

some other strong powers should have gotten together to make her the leader of the biggest power to change our country

whether it's a right wing or not. An extreme standard will be easily modified as history has proved so far.