What are your bad habits?

2017/ 10/ 23
Do you smoke?

Do you spit on the street?

Do you come late?

Those bad habits are supposed to be negative ones aquired after we were born.

We have seen bad examples so far, some of which were usual scenes we face at home.

I don't see so many people spitting on the streets here in Japan, but go to China and some other coutries where people with

bad manners keep spitting on the streets. Maybe it's because they smoke hard. They don't like the taste of smoke. So, when

saliva with smoke is bitter, the smokers feel like spitting. What's worse, the saliva with the bitterness seems to come from

a spring in the mouth. I mean, it doesn't stop gushing.

Anyway, it's annoying to see young people spitting on the streets.