2017/ 11/ 10
Tell me why you returned here.  You were on your way back to the capital.
            I forgot something.
Then, you should've made someone come take it.   What did you forget?
           I felt a strong desire to revisit this valley because I left my heart here.   No one could replace me to take it back.
You promised to see your friends in a faraway city.  They are waiting for you.  Now that you've taken it back, you better leave here and rush to the city.
         Let me ask you why you are here.
You didn't let me know you were leaving this town for good, which forced me to revisit where we first met. 
 I knew I would miss you a lot, and that it was only this valley with these autmn trees, leaves and a breeze that could appease my sorrow.
 I never expected you to come back here.  
               I'm wondering what brought two of us here.