Ramen in Japan! Why so yummy?

2017/ 11/ 10
Just visit us!

I know so many foreigners get much information about ramen in Tokyo. I was watching some TV last night. Again, a reporter
went to a Japanese Ramen shop to televise foreigners who all the way came to Japan just for eating ramen.

Ramen, however, means that it is not what japanese people invented in the past. Like so many Japanese cultural things, we
borrowed them from other countries. I know this globe is becoming small enough, which makes it easy for every food from foreign countries to be brought by merchants or common peole, sometimes just for fun.

Go to China Town in Yokohama, 30-minute-train ride from cities in Tokyo, and you'll find the utter difference in style. Ramen in
China Town is for people who want to enjoy authentic and traditional Chinese food, while the ramen in other Japanese local
sities ( including Tokyo ) is for Japanese people. Like everything was made Japanese, ramen is not an exception.

At first, men, meaning 'noodle' differs. And then, the soup and the ingredients you find in Japan are rare in China. Japanese
ramen look fake, but the idea is not always true because we can usually enjoy better ramen in Japan than in China. I
remember visiting Shanghai in 2015. I could not believe my when a waiter came with a ramen bowl to my table. I thouhgt I
ordered a different dish.

( to be continued )