Avoid killing yourself

2017/ 11/ 12
One more tip for those wanting to kill themselves.
I know we have been obsessed with such problems as a money trouble, a chronical disease, a job, alcohol and so on. In fact, I have been gotten in one of the troubles. The bout with leukemia was over some ten years ago, but even now I am not so optimistic about prognosis as my family are. My father looked terribly annoyed because of the biggest debts they had after a poor harvest in late autumn. A summer tornado totally devastated the beautiful country field the year. One early morning, we met at an entrance. Father was coming back, exhausted. I was in a rush to a bus stop. Our eyes met. No words. I didn’t know what to talk to him. One of my close friends was desperate to find better banks to make up for his loss. Later I found he had embezzled customers’ money. What’ worse, he had an inappropriate relationship with a female teller. He was charged three times.
Now, I need more spaces than you imagine to write about what’s been happening to us almost every day. I mean it is difficult to find those who have not experienced even one of those troubles or hardships.
To my surprise, they all survived their hardships. They look fine now. Father went to attend a wedding party. My friend, as a tour guide, is showing some foreigners around in Caros, a small city full of the medieval air. Is it because they had a strong will that they are fine now. Or because they had a strong sense of responsibility? Did just good luck work well because of good economy then?
Looking back, however, they were not always honest and responsible people. I should change the way I describe them, but this would be easier for readers to understand what I want to convey.

1 Don’t blame yourself too much.

2 When you don’t think you need help, it is the time when you need help. Depend on others.

3 Just cry out so that someone will notice. The problem is not only yours. Every small and thin thread leads to people you are concerned with.

( to be continued )