くだらない。No Pants Day?  1

2018/ 02/ 03
There a variety of ways to show how boring and 
meaningless this life is.  Some want to write a book, 
others run a marathon.   We're busy killing time.
So, we do many explicable things which we don't 
expect others to understand.   Yes.  For some 
people writing a book, singing a song, enjoying 
sports and being like this mean nothing because 
they think life is meaningless.  Going to school, 
working hard to make a living.... all of what we do 
mean something?    
"Not at all," they might say.
Meaningless life deserves meaningless actions.
No Pants Day is just one of them.  
"The day means nothing,"
"Showing their underwears look mean."
You want to make a grimace.  You would stand
up to make room for them without hesiation on a 
Both opinions are true.  No one denies the 
oppositions.  Even  some of the participants 
themselves might think that way, which means it is 
natural you feel it hard to understand them.
So, why do you think they like such a event?
Why is it held in more than sixty cities?
Keep thinking.  Be philosophical.