どうしてこんなに辛いのだろう Why is this life so hard?

2016/ 01/ 17
Someone said, 
Sing like no one is listening.
Dance like no one is watching.
Live like It is Heaven on earth.
How can this be true?
Teachers are noisy, and students are messy,
Why they don't leave me alone?
Just watch me, keep distant, say nothing,
Just close your eyes, think I didn't exist,
Just forget about me.
 Where is Heaven?
Where is Paradise?
You, physics physics teacher, should analyze the phenomenon.
You, phylosophy scholar, could lead me to Heaven.
And both tell me what influenced me,
What got me soon after I was born,
You should know everything, I guess.
Because, because, because your friends love me too much.
But if you understand what true love is,
Make them leave me, forget me for good.
Because you misunderstand me completely,
Because you don't know the diversity of love.