Good looking woman with a bad choice of word.

2018/ 02/ 21
She looked stunning at the door of the train.   I noticed a few passengers opposite to me reacted soon because they sat near the door.  Their eyes were captured.
Well, she sat by me, accompanied by her friend.
On sitting, they started chatting.  Her perfume annoyed me a bit, the smell of hair and clothes making me want to lean against her.  The sudden move of the train was a good reason to feel her body.  Absurdly, I expected the train to speed fast so that she could lean back....
When their voices became louder as the train sped, I decided to make room for an elder woman standing near the door.  I didn't hesitate.  I patted her on the back to make her turn around.  
I stood and left the seat.
The words they were using made me sick.  I couldn't stand even the idea of being near them.