Sagawa also wanted to finish this case.

2018/ 03/ 27
Nobody is allowed to interrupt the beautiful ending of resignation, Sagawa must have thought.
It was like 'Harakiri' ritual for him.   He thought
he would take responsibility for this falsification in 
place of his master, showing the public that he's 
shown a good example as a high ranking officer.  
With strong determination that he would protect
the ruling party, he decided not to talk about
what people want to know.  Instead, he said he 
would be charged if he answered the questions.  
    How stupid he was!   We expected that Sagawa 
would not appear before us any more, but he was 
told to play a role like a clown in the parliament office. 
  Mr. and Ms. Abe were not afraid of Sagawa answering the questions because they know that as long as Sagawa says he doesn't know, the testimony means a waste of time.  
And he did 'well.'    Other officers must have praised him because he was successful in protesting Mr. and Ms. Abe.  
Sagawa misunderstood the situation, I guess.  He made fun of us publicly, which will be paid for soon.
Opposion parties want a few more people to be answered in the Diet.  They would keep wanting to search for the truth with people on the street.
Politics is not for only a handful of people.