Exciting see-through blouse!

2018/ 06/ 20
See why women like to wear a see- through 
blouse?  I know the reason.  First, they know they 
can't live without men's attention.  It's like wearing 
a mini.  Even when it's freezing out there in winter,
girls never fail to wear mini skirts.  They insist on
appearing with what they call 'victory' dress on.
Why?  In almost all of the anime, the female 
protagonists and her friends wear mini skirts, 
which they belive is the one and only way to look 
attractive.  Girls know that if they decide to
wear pants, they have to put up with the
total ignorance from boys.
Second, women know how to behave in 
this complex society.  I mean, they look enticing. by
which they know how to manipulate men.  Women
are taking advantage of their potentials as being
to be contia)