What happened to Akita city?

2018/ 06/ 24
  The West exit of Akita station looks like a ghost town.   I met only a few people while walking along the sidewalk to Senshu Park.  The quietness of the street doesn't mean it's quiet because it's Sunday.  I walked around the pond the previous day, only to find that there were so many parking lots visible here and there.  I thought there was a bookstore near the crossing which one of classmates ran.  What happened to him?  Where have other cozy cafes, restaurant and taverns gone?
  Apparently the number of cars decreased.  I saw only two rows of cars waiting for a traffic light.  Six cars!  The gray color of asphalt made me discouraged, too.   The sound of a crossing machine could be heard by people 1 kilometer away from it.  Such was the quietness that I decided to enjoy talking to the carps swimming slowly like whales, which seemed to be saying that they're the master of the pond.  A couple of carps approached me, moving from ayame plants.  They were not afraid of me.  With their mouths open, the carps were telling me something.