Cat as a pet

2018/ 06/ 30
Do people keep cats just a pet?
Some call them 'Taro," or 'Rot,' or whatever.  I mean the cats are more than animals.  
Soul mates?  They might be.
It takes time to understand what each behavior means.    Rubbing their body on their master means love.  When cats show affection, there some other behavior,too.  
Then, what if cats bite their owners?  Do cats bite like dogs do?  Is it because cats are hugry or angry that they bite us?
I checke it out.
1 It may be a manifestation of so-called status- induced aggression, in which cats seek to control a situation.
  They want to manipulate the specific situation.  They don't want owners to be a bother.
2 There may be some neurologically significant negative stimulus associated with being petted at length that affects these cats in particular.
   Animals show some instinct as amimals, like human beings want to be alone after thinking over.  Don't trust this.  It's too personal.  Really.
3 These cats may be especially subtle at letting humans know when they’re unhappy, so that their change in attitude appears more sudden than it truly is.
   Like human babies or aged people who find it difficult to communicate vocally, they bite!