Thank you for beating Japan?

2018/ 07/ 05
I couldn't belive my ears.  Thank you?
The Korean reporter should quit his job.  The sooner, the better.  He lacks a fair pla spirt in sports.  
Don't you remember Ms. Kodaira, an Olympic skater, hugging her Korean rival tight after their race?  You never believe what the two athletes did before the TV camera!   Kodaira seemed to slowly approach her rival to pacify her sorrow.  The heartfelt hugging moved us a lot because we've never seen a winner holding her sobbing rival for a long time.   The scene was highly praised as more than a typical and ideal example for sports players. The scene also told us that sports don't have borders, and that, in spite of difference of race, people can share the same feelings- sadness, happiness, and bitterness-before reaching their different goals.
You don't seem to understand what happened at that time in your country.