What is Instagram for?

2018/ 07/ 30
Are you on Instagram?

If so, why?

Do you post photographs or pictures from time to time?

Did you buy a device to take your pictures?

Some guys are busy kooling for a good place so that they look photogenic, which means they spend som much energy

and time, money and everything.

I sometimes wonder why people like this style of communication. Yes, it is one of communication styles.

So, do you communicate with people on Instagram? You know nothing about them, but the only clue is the image, whether

good or bad. Some images are fake, others true. We know that well, which means we take some risks before we meet people.

What if the guys are fake, bad people? What if they guys are eager to meet new people with the strongest belief that meeting
new people makes them anew.

You don't care, do you?

Whether we meet people on Instagram or some other place, like in the city by chance, that is not a big deal. Facebook is also

useful, twitter, why not?

I care, though. That's why I am writing. I want the stranger to be introduced by my friend. I mean, I am very careful, and timid.

Oh, I came too far.

The topic was about if we are on Instagram or not, and why is it so? The answer is 'communication.' So far, so good.

Well, do you tell any difference in people you see for the first time? Have you ever seen a special difference in new people?

Did you see them attractive and appealing after talkikng with them for a while?

Me? I'm sorry, but the answer is too pessimestic. Just imagine why.

My answer may be utterly wrong because if I meet an attractive female foreign movie star, I fall in love her easily. It

can happen. Only one exception is enough to show that I am wrong.

Well, it's worth meeting new people. We are motivated by the strong belief that meeting new people change us. Yes! We want
change. We are sick and tired of daily routines. The same train, the same exit and the same view from the station. Nothing
has changed since last week or these three years!

We want change whether it is big or not. Only a slight change is enough for some people. A huge change means something risky

and unreal. That's why we use smartphone to look for new people who luckily have the same hobby or tastes.