Be afraid of heat stroke, guys!

2018/ 07/ 31
Walking along the street from a railway station, I heard an
ambulance car coming from behind. It passed by me with a full speed.
I said to myself, "Oh, again. The victims of club activity. Poor kids."
There are a few junior high schools around the staion, most of which accept the students who want to join the club activities
even during these summer holidays. No wonder a lot of students have heat stroke when temperature rises over 35 degrees
Cesius..I know some junior high schools are famous because of high achievements of the club activities.

Some schools are famous because the teachers there extremely stress the importance of the
tradition they took over from the predecessors. So, by going out to search for especially good athletes everywhere, the teachers
spend much time asking the good students to enter their schools if the teachers could luckily find some candidates.
On the other hand, I know that most of good athletes want to go to private junior high schools instead of public ones because of
the good, cutting-edge equipments and technical instructors. Private schools also get good financial supports from big companies,
which means the future of kids is brighter than that of those who enter public schools.
Anyway, the teachers work hard to find better athletes. Of course, the teachers in charge of the famous clubs know that they
get praised by BOE, and that they are expected to keep looking for good athletes.