Why do you like coffee?

2016/ 02/ 21
Don't ask me, Jane.

I once told you that it is a crap.

But that's a lie, Jane.

You know that.

At Doutor and Starbucks, we enjoy talking with coffee.

It's like Heaven to keep chatting and laughing in there, you know.

When I looked around, however, all of a sudden, after some chattings,

I thought the place was wrong.

We were making a noise, bothering people who were enjoying the peaceful and silent space.

It was a library.

No doubt.

They want to stay there longer than those in other countries.

Peope come and go soon.

Some just go out without ordering anything because thry know what to do next.

There, high school girls looked busy studying math, others memorizing English words!

More than half of the customers were reading books alone or looking at mobile-phones for

texting and games.

That's when I don't feel like sipping coffee.