An 'absolute'pitcher?

2018/ 08/ 12
The expression 'absolute' is wrong. I don't like this because once the pitcher is described as 'absolute,' we tend to expect too much, meaning we usually get too shocked to stand and move on when we find the game is lost. I mean, especially in sports, it's hardly easy to predict if we can win the game or not just because we have the 'absolute' person.

When the fourth hitter goes on strikes, and when the strongest tennis player loses a game, how would you
feel? Would you just keep expecting the next better chance to come, wishing the better luck?

I know the 'absolute' is just an exaggeration for a writer to agitate the viewers. that's all. My tip is this: Don't be brainwashed by the media. They are very good at making us excited.

The 'absolute' is just rhetoric. Whether you like it or not doesn't matter here, but have in mind that their definition is not always correct.