Changing a password

2018/ 08/ 13
Websites ask me to change my passcode. Why? There were no problems as to, say, hacking....

Are there any bad guys who want to make use of my personal information? I'm sure there are. So, dig in to
search about me, which I think is a total waste of time. It's no use trying to find someone's info on the website.

What do you want to know about the specific person? Is the target a famous actor or a singer? Keep digging just for fun. But don't have the idea of following the target, OK? Waiting for the target at the entrance of a theater? In a car? Or just in front of the apartment? Stop it. Stop it. You are going to be sued and be
arrested if you go to extremes. Don't cross the line. OK?

So, back to changing the password, what do you think? I didn't see any problems about the password. Is
using the same password for a long time the wrong idea? How so?

Just because there were no problems so far doesn't mean I don't have to change the password. Is this so?
How so? Do tell me why I have to change my password.

Give me more details about the reason I have to change it. Thank you.