Abortion. Are you for or against it?

2018/ 08/ 13
Does the number of the age matter? Is that six menthes or one year? I forgot. Oh, it's 22 weeks. I found it.

So, in Japan, it is a serious crime to have an abortion after the baby reaches 22 weeks old. Almost 5 months?

What do you think?

The topic is not simple mainly because just having a baby doesn't guarantee the happiness of later life. We
can tell if the baby in the womb has a disability in the first place. Technologies help us find it.

What if your baby has a disability before he/she is born? What if you say yes and your spouse says no to the new birth?

Some people point out the age, like I wrote, about the baby. I also wrote 'baby.' They have already life in the
womb before they reach 55 weeks old. Whether it's legal or not comes first to you? Serous?

Don't trust only what you see. Think about more wha you can't see.

A new life always encourages us, making us go ahead however hard it looks.