One sipping an hour at Starbucks!

2018/ 08/ 14
Am I a miser?   Yes.you are!
Laugh at me.  It's OK.  I don't care. Go ahead.
Well, at 1:00 PM in Yokohama, we need good tactics to survive this summer heat!   
I know I should make the most of peaceful time of what we call 'Bon' week at home reading, say, a weekly not to behind the times.  
So, I bought one. which my mother-in-law liked while she was fine, to catch up with what's happening now.  The long habit made me think just  looking over the weekly would be the most effective way to know the politics, show biz, and even technology.  How stupid!
Yes.  How stupid I was...  
That was her style, not mine.  I knew how I would 
(to be continued)