🌹One million roses 百万本のバラ🌹

2018/ 08/ 19
A poor painter sold his house to buy one million roses, which were given to an beautiful dancer.
She went a town from town to dance at a theater.  
Now, the young painter had nothing  but some brushes and canvas.  
One morning, the dancer woke up to find a sea of red roses below the window.  
The painter, from under the window, looked up the dancer.    He wanted to see her smile.
"This is just a joke made by the richest gentleman I met the other day.  But I like this," she said to herself.
The dancer was way out of his league from scratch.
The dancer left the city soon, knowing nothing about the painter.
This is the summary of the 'One million roses.'
Do you like the story?  I don't like it.